Return of Sunday Mass Obligation

'The obligation to keep the Lord’s Day holy by attending Mass should not be seen as a burden. It is a summons addressed to our human freedom and to the heart of every baptised member of the Church. “There is within me”, said St Ignatius of Antioch, “a murmur of living water which says, ‘Come to the Father’”. 

From the Bishops of Scotland.           To read the full letter, click on the button >

Master of St. Giles: The Mass of St. Giles c.1500

Charlemagne attending Mass in St. Denis. 

Painting now in the National Gallery

When Holy Mass is not celebrated in Church,

 Monsignor celebrates Eucharist in his Oratory.

Altar in the Oratory with an icon of Jesus, Pantocrator,

and the recently donated Relic of St. Ambrose of Milan