Mediaeval Manuscript Illumination - Church Building

  As everyone will be aware, while the life of the church and parish community might have been very restricted over past months, nevertheless, important work has been on-going.


Specialist surveyors carried out a detailed examination of the fabric of the church and indicated quite a number of aspects of refurbishment which are deemed necessary or highly desirable. The costings for the work outlined amount to something in excess of £970,000. While some of the ‘highly desirable’ elements may be phased over some time, other aspects require fairly urgent attention (e.g. the re-roofing of the church). 

In tandem with this survey, another report was sought (from a different firm) by the Estates Department of the Archdiocese on the status of the fabric of the halls. Once again, the report issued in December makes challenging reading. The costings for the repairs and upgrading of the halls are estimated to be in the region of £330,000. 

Recent meetings (Zoom) of the Halls Committee and the Parish Pastoral Council came to the conclusion that our priority must be the necessary work on the church. It would seem now impossible to continue to finance the church halls, especially given the minimal use that the parish has had in recent times. Current maintenance of the halls is proving quite expensive, even with the halls closed for COVID regulations. Hard decisions await.