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There are many occasions when there are particular celebrations of Liturgy: Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals etc. Below you will find some information to help you prepare for these events. In each case, please make sure that you are in contact with Mgr. Hughes as soon as possible, in order that arrangements can be put in place.

The Sacrament of Baptism (Christening) takes place on many Sundays of the year (and is possible at other times with prior arrangement). If you would like to have a child baptised, please make contact with Mgr. Hughes to arrange preparation for the Baptism and to agree on a date that is suitable.


In the course of each year, we have quite a number of weddings. Normally, the Sacrament of Matrimony is celebrated in one's home parish. For particular reasons and with appropriate permissions, there can be exceptions.

If you are planning to be married in St. Joseph's, it is important that you make contact with the Parish Priest, Mgr. Hughes, as soon as possible - and crucially, before you make any other bookings. Currently we have weddings already arranged for two years ahead.


Arranging the funeral of a loved one , while inevitably dealing with the sadness of bereavement, can also be a time of great comfort and consolation and indeed renewal of faith and trust in the loving providence of God.

Along with the professional Funeral Directors (Undertakers) in the local area, we in the parish will do all that we can to help support you during this difficult time. Please make contact with Mgr. Hughes, either personally, or through the Funeral Director of your choice.

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