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The Calvary Shrine - St. Joseph's Church

Mgr. Hughes, Rector, and Scots College Community - June 2015


This Calvary Shrine can be found in the gardens of St. Joseph's Church, Helensburgh. The shrine was erected in 1967, replacing one which had been installed in 1965 to celebrate the Parish Centenary and the Solemn Consecration of the Church.

Unfortunately, that Calvary Scene, which had previously hung over the Sanctuary inside the Church, proved unsuitable for outdoor weather conditions and quickly deteriorated. It was replaced by the Calvary Shrine seen here.


Today, the Calvary is tended by Mrs Rosaleen Moffatt who undertakes this task as well as devoting so much time to sacristy duties (Altar Linens, Sacred Vessels), overseeing Church cleaning and taking charge of the Piety Stall.


Rosaleen, season by season, changes the flowers and shrubs and makes sure that this treasure of the Parish is sensitively cared for.


Countless wedding parties have gathered round this Calvary for photos, taking with them a reminder of the quiet and serenely prayerful atmosphere of our Church setting.

Just this past month, so many of our First Communicants also processed to this same spot, to have a keepsake photo of this special moment in their spiritual development.

We are very grateful to Rosaleen for her on-going devotion to the Calvary and the other aspects of her ministry in St. Joseph's.